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Today is the day

This quote may have different meanings for different people, but for me is the beginning of my biggest desire … my blog. I have been waiting for too long to have enough courage to put my soul on paper. I have thousands of unpublished articles, about me, about life in general, about self-development and financial education… Thousands of ideas, thousands of versions… but, I gave up thousands of times… all those because I did not have the courage to show the world my passion and I thought I am not good enough for this.

But today is the day!   Probably you are asking why now, who or what made me break the ice. All I can say is that I have been listening to many opinions from people who did not want me to succeed, people who took all my confidence just by throwing words. People who did not believe in me, people who told me I am not good enough. 

But here I am…brave enough, strong enough, motivated, ready to inspire and to be inspired.

This is the beginning of my journey, you will get to know my step by step through my posts. In other words, I will do my best to inspire you, to motivate you and to help you create yourself while I am creating myself.