A few months ago I was very optimistic (Event industry- an unpopular opinion) and I thought that everything is going to be alright and I will be back to work in no time. Little did I know that after this long waiting period I will be facing a difficult time. The option was redundant or unpaid leave. Which one do you think I choose?

As well as everyone on this Planet I had lots of plans for this year. I was having a nice job that gave me a sense of accomplishment every day. I was learning new skills outside work and I was planning some amazing holidays all around the world. Life was good. Again, little did I know.

Once a very optimistic girl, now a very confused human. Or how I like to say these days: a lost citizen.

In moments like this, you start to question your existence, your decision and your future moves. You start to question yourself, and if you are not in a good relationship with yourself, this becomes a huge problem, or you can call it depression.

Still, I consider myself lucky because I have few people around me that keep me sane and help me see the good in bad. From friends who share their books with me, friends who don’t get annoyed when I tell them all my frustrations, to those who check on me once in a while, just to make sure I didn’t forget them.

I started to see this whole situation as an opportunity for me to create something significant for myself, something that can bring me joy and at the same time support me financially. But the questions is “what?”.

Until I figure out what I am going to do next I will leave you here with one of my revelations. I realised that we are genetically programmed and some times society pushes us in the wrong direction in order to fit its needs, not ours. What does that even mean? I leave this to your interpretation.