Event industry- an unpopular opinion

Here I am, kinda hopeless. The current situation doesn’t look good for the events industry and neither my plans for the near future. Now, more than ever I am thinking about the whole aspect of events. How will be recovered? Do we have to redefine the concept of meetings and conferences, concerts and family events?

As much as I wish the things to go back to how used to be I know that this will never happen. The events industry will never be the same and this starts to raise some questions. How will we survive?

Will events of all sizes and shapes continue to take place despite rumours?

A few months ago I was thinking that divertissement will never die because we are social human beings, we love to meet people, we love to party and to create relationships through face to face interactions. Plus, I even thought of investing in some divertissement companies. But now everything takes a turn and makes me thinking about how should I adapt to the new reality. I want to believe that we will be able to keep enjoying meeting each other and we will slowly go back to a 2.0 version of normality.

At my current company, we stopped any kind of activity and there’s no sign of opening our doors any time soon. However, when the time will come, will we be able to organise events without being scared? I must say, most of our clients travel a lot, and by a lot, I mean “aaa looot”. Yet, will our clients start travelling again, will they start booking meeting rooms and organise conferences right away? I dare to believe.

Some people think that all the meetings will take place through ZOOM. Also, the same people believe that online platforms are more efficient from a cost-effective point of view and companies will keep utilising them even after we start to recover. Still, they forget to consider that most of the meetings, conferences, dinners have a common goal, the intention of creating new relationships or strengthen the old ones. Something like this will be hard to achieve through only online interaction, but not impossible. I might be wrong and soon I will write an article about how all events moved online. Who knows!

Let’s not neglect the fact that the event industry is covering a wide range of areas (concerts, sports competitions, fashion shows, exhibitions, strikes, religious events, family events and so on). With this being said, we have to consider all this before we are saying that events will not be the same. They are part of our culture and they will continue to exist. Also, no online platform can substitute the unique experience that the live events provide. As much as I want to enjoy an online event, nothing will be the same as sharing the same space and talking face to face with people.

A good example is BTS; after their concerts were cancelled, fans all over the world start to feel discouraged (me, inclusive 🥺). Despite this, their company Big Hit Entertainment implemented new ways of promoting the group, trough online concerts and live sessions. In my opinion, for complex artists like BTS, the on-stage performance is part of who they are and for their fan base, called “ARMY”, an online concert will never be the same as a live one.

Nevertheless, no one can say for sure how things will change in the future but one thing is indisputable, we are capable to adapt to new situations. This can only be an opportunity for a new approach, maybe a more ethical and sustainable strategy for the future of the event industry. We shall wait and see.

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