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How I got into events management

Who would’ve thought I would work in the events industry. Ever since I was a kid I was dreaming to be an entrepreneur. To run my own business and to do my own thing in my way.

After finishing my bachelor in PR and Communication, I wanted to take a gap year to figure out my life. However, after a few months, a friend recommended me to attend an international university fair (RIUF- Romanian International University Fair).

I ended up leaving with an email address and an invitation to apply for a master degree in Events Management in England. They recommended me this program saying that I was a good fit due to my bachelor degree and work experience. Now I have mixed feelings, but I am going to talk about this in another article.

I recall this like it was yesterday. It happened on the 1st of October 2016. After an hour of discussing with different agents, I was determined to do whatever it takes to get accepted to a university. I didn’t care which one. I felt a desire to prove to myself that I can do anything I want.

My friends and family most likely didn’t expect that. When I told them what I was about to do they said: ” Calm down, think it through, Larisa”. I was so excited. I didn’t want them to kill my vibe so I switched the topics and I went on with my life. Two weeks after I accepted an unconditional offer for a Master degree in Events Management. This convinced me again that if you are really passionate about it you can fight your way up.

Everyone was in shock…..I was in shock, my family was in shock, my best friends could believe. Finally, I was able to achieve my childhood goals. The adventure just started.

In the next article, I am going to talk about my first months in the UK. Stay tuned!

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